A little dental parenting advice ..

This is something I have been thinking about recently.
What do you do when your child finishes a class/activity and a container of sweets is produced that all the kids go to?
If you stop your child it will probably end in a tantrum or tears but you also want the best for them.What I recommend is:
Get her to brush and floss properly before the class…..
The plaque won’t form fast enough to metabolise the sugars in a single lolly intake anyway…..
then a big drink of water after the lolly to dilute the residual sugar.

What you are trying to achieve is to teach strategies to manage lollies, sweet drinks etc so as she gets old enough to not have your direct supervision she has the skills herself to manage. Always better to develop the skill to deal with an issue rather than solve the issue for them.

I always advise parents to have their kids brush/floss well BEFORE a birthday party.
Minimal bioligical burden, minimal acid production when the sugar is available.
Big drink of water after the party, ideally a swish of it before swallowing to bring pH up again.

This also helps significantly if they then rock off to sleep on the drive home, the plaque has already been disturbed within 12hrs so not a disaster if they are carried straight to bed.

Now for the science bit…
To get tooth decay or a cavity you need things:
1) A tooth
2) Bacteria
3) Food for bacteria

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